Terms and Conditions


All models are made on order we usually don’t have any extra already finished model in stock. Beware that this mean we need to start production at the supplier and get the printed model. After it based on what you order we need to paint / build the model. The production itself usualy takes about 3-4 weeks but in some cases (like holidays, delays by the carrier, situations like Covid-19 and quarantine) this production time culd be prolonged.

Production time is just the time from when we receive your payment to the moment when the model is ready to be shipped from our 3D printing supplier to us. If the order requires additional work such as painting or assembling it will take more time before the order will be shipped to you. For a more precise time range, please inquire directly with us. Usually the longest time is needed for LED illuminated models.



We do ship internationally. The final time and price depends on the destination country.



Please pay attention that refunds are not possible once you have ordered – by starting printing at our supplier, we no longer have the opportunity to reverse the process and get money back. In case of any damage to the model due to the carrier, we are willing to provide professional repair, just send us the model back.


Appearance of models

Please note that the models in the photos may have a slightly different shade of color due to the lighting than they actually are. The models are painted by hand and can therefore also differ slightly in the painting of details.


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