Atlantis city ver. 1.2

Gold Destiny

Wraith Hive

Asgard O’neill

Ancient Aurora

Ancient Corvette


Atlantis lighted

Atlantis KIT

Bronze Destiny

Destiny lighted

Destiny KIT 40cm

Destiny KIT 30cm


Atlantis Tower

Atalntis Tower lighted

Atlantis Tower KIT


Mini Atlantis

Mini Destiny

Mini Aurora

Mini O’neill

Aurora lighted

Seed ship

Asgard Daniel Jackson

Asgard Bilskirnir

Shuttle KIT

Wraith cruiser

Apophis flagship

upcoming Models gallery

Destiny KIT 60cm

Wraith Hive KIT 60 & 40cm

Daedalus v2.0

Lantean cruiser

Bronze Aurora

Bronze Daedalus



We also build custom models.

If you would like to build any model, for example from an existing KIT, do not hesitate to contact us.